Life ⬆ There

I explore the world professionally then try and bring a small piece of it back

What inspires you?

Growing up in The Chicago Housing Projects might have stacked the deck against me in terms of what I thought I could achieve, with many I grew up with never making it out of the neighborhood.  Through focus, determination and the support of family, my trajectory changed, eventually leading to a  career that has allowed me the opportunity to explore the world several times over.  

As a creative outlet to a fast paced and at times ultra-stressful job, I started capturing bits and pieces of the unique and the beautiful around the world.  

Now blessed to share my global experiences 🌏 

No matter what your background, you can still achieve your goals and be a part of a Life ⬆ There.  

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See something you like for you or someone else?  

Follow the "Buy Photos" button and move from the virtual to the tangible (Lord knows my walls have enough canvas shots filling them and i'm running out of space!) Since this isn't my day job, all of the profits from the prints will go towards purchasing cameras for underprivileged teens.  My thoughts are that perhaps the creative outlet will help them as it helped me.

To order, just jump to the Global Gallery, pick the one(s) you like and click the "Buy" button.  

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